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Siana is a hardworking individual with a passion for baking, healthy living, travel and language.  

Focusing her high school education on Language Studies and the Arts, she decided to mix her passions and study abroad for her final year at Neuchâtel Junior College in Switzerland. Here, her teachers would describe her as a very motivated, diligent, happy, and independent young woman. She is a leader amongst her peers and always sets her standards high. After completing her year in Switzerland - Siana decided to take the next year to explore different cultures of the world including her roots in Germany and India leading her to travel extensively through Europe and Asia. She is a key organizer in her family businesses, Rejuvenating Spring and RS Travel




Siana comes from a large family of entrepreneurs and business
owners from chefs to nutritionists, contractors,
realtors and manufacturers.

She has always been encouraged by her family to foster an entrepreneurial attitude and pursue her passion in Baking. Baking by Siana features signature products created by a young and creative woman who loves to provide unique and nutritional products through her baking art. She fluently speaks 4 languages, and has completed her diploma as a Professional Baker in Germany. July 2016, she opened up her own family Restaurant / Bakery named Wundeba in Burlington, ON on Mount Nemo.